Controls Can Trim an Additional 10-20% Off Your Energy Bills

Lighting and Environmental Controls are an excellent way for organizations to maximize their energy savings. Environmental Controls improve occupant comfort, improve the efficiency and operation of building systems (HVAC&R, water, air quality, etc.) in addition to reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Lighting Controls

Occupancy Sensors turn on the lights when a person is detected.​

Vacancy Sensors are turned on by a person but automatically turned off after a period of time once motion is not detected. ​

Daylight Sensors are a great way to save energy when natural lighting is abundant. We set a desired light level and the lighting adjusts automatically as the light level changes.

Environmental Controls

SP Global:Energy partners with Senseware to provide cost-effective and secure wireless environmental control solutions to collect critical mechanical, electrical, plumbing and environmental data from your facility. Senseware’s solutions are easy to install and can be deployed as a stand-alone building data acquisition and troubleshooting solution or as an integrated, comprehensive building analytics and optimization solution.​

Our solutions include:

Sensors to measure temperature and humidity, light levels, sound levels, vibration, indoor air quality (VOC, Co2, CO, H2S, Ozone, NO2, SO2), and pressure.​

Connector to existing equipment and systems such as water meters, timers, industrial equipment, and electric circuits, just to name a few.

SP Global:Energy Provides Scalable Lighting and Environmental Controls to Fit Your Business Needs.

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